How to Stop Drowning in Sugar


As a freshman in high school, I stopped drinking soda (aka Pop for my northern readers). This was a challenging task since my #1 favorite drink was Dr. Pepper and that’s all I could seem to drink. The reason why I did it was because of some dumb boys making a comment on girls drinking Dr. Pepper (you know which one I’m talking about) and I’m glad they made that disguising comment. 

I took baby steps, I limited myself to 1 Dr. Pepper a day, then only on weekends, next was only celebrations, and I eventually stopped. Now I’m not saying I switched to only drinking water, because I wasn’t crazy. I replaced soda with lemonades and sweet tea, which isn’t any better but its definitely a start. 

Quick question- would you eat 10 spoonfuls of sugar? No? That’s what I thought. 1 cup of soda is nothing different. You’re just drinking empty calories and harming your beautiful body. As I stopped drinking soda, I saw more benefits. I wasn’t so dependent on it anymore, I always craved a good Dr. Pepper from Jack in the Box. Don’t get me wrong, as I’m typing this I’m thinking, “Wow that sounds so good…” even 4 years later. 

Self control is something you have to have if you want to stop drowning yourself. I know, it’s hard because soda is soooo good, but I believe in you. It’s so great when people offer you soda and you say, “Oh no thank you…I don’t drink soda” because they will wish they have the willpower you do. 



Ask Something Different


To some people, I gloat about how much weight I’ve lost. Why not gloat about something I’m proud about? That’s like a Harvard kid never saying/wearing anything about Harvard.

Well, as I continue to gloat, I have more messages in my inbox. They usually start off with, “Hey! You look so great.” and end with the same question, “How do you do it?” I already have something saved in my notes that I just copy and paste to everyone (sorry y’all) because that question is NOT fun to answer at all. Different things work for different people and for me, its all about dieting and cardio.

Out of the 63 messages I have so far gotten, not once has someone asked, “Why?”

Why do I want to lose weight? Now that’s a fun question to answer.

Change of Lifestyle

I used to eat straight garbage ALL the time. It was always between PDQ, MOD, Chickfila, or Canes. Even though those places have healthier items, I wouldn’t ever think of purchasing them. My eating habits have changed to the extreme, I have only had 1/4 of those fast food places all summer, and it was only twice (of course, Chickfila). I also have learned that I love running and it’s something I look to improve on.

Finding Who I Am

As I become more fit and healthy, I find more things I enjoy doing and make time for them. My friend took me indoor rock climbing and I fell in love (so pricey though). I also tried hiking around Cypress and even though it probably isn’t as fun as hiking in North Carolina, I still enjoyed it. I have also learned that it’s difficult for me to cook because I’m super impatient…yikes… Trying these activities out have helped me blossom into this person I’ve always inspired to be. I can’t wait to tryout many more thrilling activities and see whether I despise them or not.

The Supporters 

Friends and family who keep up with my journey are the reason I’m still going! I’m your inspiration? Well you’re my motivation! This is totally lame but I tell myself, “I can’t wait to achieve my goal so I can write some sappy Facebook post about it.”

Building My Confidence 

I am a teenage girl and I have struggled with loving myself and my body. As I treat my body with healthier foods, more water, and fun activities, not only am I getting skinnier, but I’m loving myself more. Being in color guard, we didn’t get to choose our uniforms and all 4 years they were pretty tight. The tighter they were, the more I hated being in them because of my rolls. I always had to think of how I was sitting/standing because certain positions made me look fatter. Now, I can wear my tight dri-fit Cypress Running Club shirts and not think anything about it. I can go out in a tank top and shorts and feel great. Shoot, one night I was feeling so confident and rebellious that I ended up getting my navel pierced.

I’m Happy

Starting this journey, I got rid of some toxic things and people. I used to go from crying everyday to never crying. Keeping myself busy with exercise and eating healthy have made me become happy and more fortunate. Ask my family…they most certainly know.

The Non-Scale Victories

These are my favorite. The first mile I did under 10 miles. Running 3 miles and not dying. Taking 25,000 steps in one day (thanks Fitbit). Benching 40lbs without help. These are some of the many accomplishments that I’m proud of. In October I’m running my first 5K race and I’m super stoked.



Thank you for reading my first piece! Hopefully I get keep up and become better at these (: