That Dreadful Time of Year


It’s starting to get warmer outside, and I’m starting to get lazy. The lake is calling my name everyday saying, “Kayte, ignore your homework and come take a swim.” If you’re like me, at this time of year, is awfully dreadful because I’m just waiting for summer to come. I’m starting to get super lazy with my schoolwork and I have a hard time going to class. This all sucks because I’m looking forward to summer, but I’m taking 4 summer classes. I have caught myself slacking though, and I have some pretty good ways of keeping myself on track.

Your Planner Is Your Best Friend

I am serious when I say this! If you don’t have a planner, make sure to get either a weekly or daily one, so you have more room to write. I got my planner from Paper Source this year, and even though it’s super pretty and girly, it doesn’t have what I prefer (I like lines). I’ve sucked it up though, and I try to use it everyday. I write all my due dates, plans, work schedule, you name it! I also like to color code the things and I got these pretty neat planner stickers for Christmas (THANKS MOM!). For me, I need a paper planner, because I remember the things I write, but if you prefer your phone then go ahead! My planner has helped me so much in college.

Surround Yourself With Motivated People

Surrounding yourself with people who want to do well, is something majorly important. They will influence you, even if you don’t know it. I am very competitive and if I am always trying to out-do the people around me with grades. Your friends can even motivate you to do your homework. This has happened many times when one of my friends wants to go out, but I say I have things to do, and we end up going to the coffee-shop to do our homework together (it’s not always me initiating it though, we all influence each other). Actually, as I’m writing this, I really don’t want to go to the gym, but my friend wants to go and I’m meeting her up in an hour (you see…MOTIVATED!).

Visualize What You Want

For me, my goals are to be happy with my body, stay healthy, not regret my grades, and try to work more. This is all super difficult to do at the same time. As a full-time student that also works part-time that wants a rockin’ bod and also is in a loving relationship but wants to get sleep still…THIS IS HARD!!! I try to take my goals one step at time. My health (sleeping, eating, and exercise) will always come first. I think I have to be healthy and energized before I can accomplish anything else. My next thing to focus on is school, since this kinda determines my future. It’s hard to prioritize things, so I visualize what I want and need. I visualize being skinny and living a healthy lifestyle. I visualize a diploma in my hand. I visualize a happy and loving relationship. I visualize finding a worthy and good paying job. These are only some of the things that I visualize everyday, and hope to see them soon. This is such a big motivation to me.


These are some of the steps that get me motivated everyday. If it seems hard to get out of bed, imagine in that moment what you want in the future, and if it’s really worth staying in bed instead of going to class. I only have 5 more weeks and I’m done with my spring semester, and will start my summer classes. This motivation has to keep going, since my next break will be that month for winter break (oh jeez!!!). I hope this helped and thank y’all for reading (:


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