How I Am Living The Young Adult Life


Last night, my friend from UT came over, and was talking about how jealous she was of how I was living life. I wondered how is she so jealous when she goes to such a great college and is living the college life, while I am not. She explained to me that I am (about to be) 20, living in a luxury $1,300/mo apartment with my significant other, while we both have great jobs, working towards our future goals together, with puppies. Apparently, this is something many young adult want. I was relieved that this was coming from a person going to a top-notch university, because I thought I was missing that step in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to school full-time (online though, which is amazing), while running my own business (I’ll save this for another post), being “wifey” material, and a [dog] mom.

I am glad someone said this to me, because I feel like I missed a part of my life by not going to university. I have pushed flight school back another year, because I am now focusing on getting my accounting bachelors degree by May 2019, instead of May 2020 (the year I was supposed to graduate). I am bummed that I pushed flying back another year, but I want to get my B.S. really fast, and then get through flying really fast. I still have such a long and happy life ahead of me, so 1 more year wouldn’t hurt. Most people wonder why I am getting a degree outside of flying, and it’s simple: I want to have a back-up plan. I have always wanted my own business, and I want a MBA, CPA, and I want to be a Captain B737 for United. I love learning and I want to always have open doors.

My life at home is amazing. I come home everyday to my 2 children (Aussiedors) and my loving and supportive boyfriend. I spoil the living daylights out of my pups, and my life at home revolves around them. I schedule my day on what I want to do with them, whether that is going to the dog-park or going on a hike. Don’t worry, Mason gets a lot of attention too. We are obsessed with The Good Wife (right now), and we make sure to make time for that everyday, if our schedules allow it. I love to cook, especially in our new Instant Pot. Surprisingly, my apartment is spotless 95% of the time, because I hate when things I own are messy (my mom is still shocked by this). These are on my days off, but I usually am free from 9am-4pm, and again from 7pm to 7am, unless I take more jobs. The days I work, I am home with my pups all day, while doing school-work, and trying to better myself and family. I also try to visit my family (they live 8 mins away from me) whenever I can, which is usually 5 times a week. They are our best friends and biggest supporters.

Mason and I are actually training for a half marathon that is towards the end of 2018, and our first 5k race is Jan 13, and we are so stoked! I wanted a hobby, and I tried Crossfit which is AMAZING, but my business started taking off and my box’s schedule didn’t line-up with mine. My weakest point in Crossfit was running, and I HATED it. I started running after I quit Crossfit, so I can be better when I will be able to go back to doing Crossfit. I am still not the biggest fan of running, because I have bad stamina, but as it gets better, I like running more.

I guess I am not like every other young adult. I do NOT like to drink or party. I am usually in bed by 9pm every night. I love to read, crochet, study, and every minute of everyday I am thinking about my future and what I need to do now to better myself.


My First Speech Competition


We just had gotten finished presenting Pecha Kucha speeches in class, about what community we’re from, when my teacher announced there is a speech contest going on a week from that day. She mentioned the winner gets $100, and that really caught my attention. She sent out an email that afternoon saying to email the person hosting the contest, if I was interested, because there was only 20 spots available. I signed up before I even knew what I had done. I didn’t think I was bad at public speaking, I rarely got nervous, but Pecha Kucha isn’t really something easy. Pecha Kucha a 15 slide power point each timed at 20 seconds, making the speech 5 minutes long. After I entered the contest, I prepared a outline for my new speech, and kinda spit it out in 15 minutes. I sent it to her and her only comment was “add resources!” I put together my cute power point, and didn’t really practice until the day of the speech, and man I was not ready.

The contest was April 10 at 6pm. My attention-getter took up 35 seconds of my 5 minute speech, and I remembered it while I was stuck in traffic that morning on my way to school. I had a speech in my speech class that day, that was totally different, but I wasn’t worried at all for that one. As I said before, I rarely get nervous for speeches. After speech class, I got home and it was 3 pm. I did some other homework for an hour and then practiced my speech for a good 45-50 minutes. I had never been so nervous to present a speech before, but then again, I have never spoken in front of 200 people. As I was practicing, most of it was “FUCK!” because I kept messing up and I couldn’t really remember what I was going to say. I was so nervous. I left to the contest to go check-in and meet some of the other contestants.

I spoke with most of them, and they were mostly communications major, with the exception of someone wanting to be a lawyer and a guy that was just there for the money. This got me so nervous, especially because the girl I talked to the longest has taken all 4 speech classes at Lone Star and had a great topic. I was 8th, and there were 4 speeches (not including mine) that were so outstanding. The first one was about Kim K, and it was so well thought out with such an incredible presentation. The next speech was a eulogy about her childhood dying, because she was turning 20. It was humorous and she fluctuated her voice when needed, had hand gestures, made eye contact 95% of the time, and she overall communicated with the audience so well. The girl that I talked to the longest before the contest spoke about what it’s like being a non-Spanish speaking Mexican. She was the first person to not use the podium, she made sure to walk around the stage and talk to different sides of the room, had great references and points, and always made eye contact with the audience. I loved her speech because even though I’m not fully Mexican (I’m also Korean and white if you were wondering), I could understand where she was coming from. The last speech that intrigued me was about a girl who lost apart of herself when she moved from Mexico to Houston. I loved how she said that every time someone pronounced her name in the United States, it reminded her of how she’s not in her home town in Mexico, because of the misinterpretation of the R in her name. She did everything the last speaker did, and even more, because she made the audience understand her hurt by the way she talked and presented. After seeing these great speeches, I turned to the girl next to me and said, “So should I leave now orrrr…?”

It was my turn to present, and man, I was so nervous. I felt like I was going to be the only one looking at my notes occasionally, which I thought was bad. I went up there and did it, I messed up one part, but no one knew. This was the first time I had actually gotten my speech down and I was so impressed. I made the audience laugh some, and I saw so many smiles while I presented my speech, “Being a Pilot”. My 3 main points were the requirements to be a commercial pilot, the dedication it takes to be any kind of pilot, and why this is my ultimate career goal. I finished, and as my speech teacher was un-clipping the mic from my dress, she said, “I am so proud of you.” This meant a lot to me, because she is my favorite professor, and she knew how nervous I was.

A couple more people presented, and then my professor plus another speech professor did their own Pecha Kuchas. It was then time to announce the winners. The girl that felt like she lost a part of herself when she moved got 3rd place. I remember thinking, “Dang, I definitely didn’t place, but it’s O.K. because I’m going to my favorite restaurant after this.” The girl with the eulogy got 2nd, and then I turned to the girl next to me and said, “Kim K got 1st” she nodded vigorously at my statement. The professor handing out the speeches was talking about how much of a honor it is to get 1st, because he’s competed so much and has never gotten first. Then I started reaching for my laptop and notes under my chair, because after he said that, I was 110% sure I wasn’t going to get first. I was so off-guard when he said, “Annnnnnnnnd first place…” everyone drum rolled, “goes to KAYTLIN FRANCIS!” I totally thought my ears were deceiving me, I turned my head to look around and everyone was looking at ME! I was totally shocked. I knew when I got up there, I had the most confused face, and I even announced to my professor, “I’m so confused!”

This was something I will never forget, not only because I won, but because it was truly an amazing experience. I have looked into doing more contests, and even looked into changing my major to communications. Everything happens for a reason, and I definitely think this was one of those turning events in my life.

I wouldn’t have done it if Mason didn’t tell me that he believed I could do it. All week, he kept telling me I would get first, and boy, was he right. He told me to do it, critiqued me, and was more nervous than I was when I went up there. He sure was a proud boyfriend that night. Thank you so much, my love. 

That Dreadful Time of Year


It’s starting to get warmer outside, and I’m starting to get lazy. The lake is calling my name everyday saying, “Kayte, ignore your homework and come take a swim.” If you’re like me, at this time of year, is awfully dreadful because I’m just waiting for summer to come. I’m starting to get super lazy with my schoolwork and I have a hard time going to class. This all sucks because I’m looking forward to summer, but I’m taking 4 summer classes. I have caught myself slacking though, and I have some pretty good ways of keeping myself on track.

Your Planner Is Your Best Friend

I am serious when I say this! If you don’t have a planner, make sure to get either a weekly or daily one, so you have more room to write. I got my planner from Paper Source this year, and even though it’s super pretty and girly, it doesn’t have what I prefer (I like lines). I’ve sucked it up though, and I try to use it everyday. I write all my due dates, plans, work schedule, you name it! I also like to color code the things and I got these pretty neat planner stickers for Christmas (THANKS MOM!). For me, I need a paper planner, because I remember the things I write, but if you prefer your phone then go ahead! My planner has helped me so much in college.

Surround Yourself With Motivated People

Surrounding yourself with people who want to do well, is something majorly important. They will influence you, even if you don’t know it. I am very competitive and if I am always trying to out-do the people around me with grades. Your friends can even motivate you to do your homework. This has happened many times when one of my friends wants to go out, but I say I have things to do, and we end up going to the coffee-shop to do our homework together (it’s not always me initiating it though, we all influence each other). Actually, as I’m writing this, I really don’t want to go to the gym, but my friend wants to go and I’m meeting her up in an hour (you see…MOTIVATED!).

Visualize What You Want

For me, my goals are to be happy with my body, stay healthy, not regret my grades, and try to work more. This is all super difficult to do at the same time. As a full-time student that also works part-time that wants a rockin’ bod and also is in a loving relationship but wants to get sleep still…THIS IS HARD!!! I try to take my goals one step at time. My health (sleeping, eating, and exercise) will always come first. I think I have to be healthy and energized before I can accomplish anything else. My next thing to focus on is school, since this kinda determines my future. It’s hard to prioritize things, so I visualize what I want and need. I visualize being skinny and living a healthy lifestyle. I visualize a diploma in my hand. I visualize a happy and loving relationship. I visualize finding a worthy and good paying job. These are only some of the things that I visualize everyday, and hope to see them soon. This is such a big motivation to me.


These are some of the steps that get me motivated everyday. If it seems hard to get out of bed, imagine in that moment what you want in the future, and if it’s really worth staying in bed instead of going to class. I only have 5 more weeks and I’m done with my spring semester, and will start my summer classes. This motivation has to keep going, since my next break will be that month for winter break (oh jeez!!!). I hope this helped and thank y’all for reading (:

Rules Are There For A Reason


I almost died the other day, and this isn’t me over-exaggerating.

I was running late to meet Mason so we could carpool to class together (that’s what we get for signing up for a class at the wrong campus) and I was taking my usual route. The traffic at this one light was insanely backed up, something I have never seen before. I moved from the left lane to the right, since it was a car shorter and I was on a time crunch. This was probably the best decision I have made in a while, because if it wasn’t for impatient Kayte, I would’ve died. I was texting Mason that traffic was bad when all of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM. I looked over to my left and the brand new van (to the person, new paper plates but older van) that I was just behind had gotten hit by a big truck. The van was hit so hard that it wrecked the car in front of it, and the van was absolutely totaled. This truck must’ve been going over the speed limit to have caused that, and I would like to think they were texting and driving, but I don’t know. That could’ve been me in the accident, but I would’ve gone flying out the window because I didn’t have my seat belt on.

This happened a week ago and it was such an eye opener. Now, the first thing I do is put my seat belt on when I get in the car, because that didn’t happen half of the time. Wearing a seat belt is super important and it’s the LAW, so please do it! I have learned my lesson for sure.


Over the Honey-Moon Phase


I went to Six Flags Over Texas with my boyfriend, Mason, over spring break. I noticed this couple that went on the first 3 rides we did; they caught my eye because of how lovey-dovey they were. I looked over at Mason and I noticed we were standing there, comfortable with each others presence, but not totally on each other like this couple was. It hit me-WE ARE OUT OF THE HONEY-MOON PHASE. 6 months later and I thought we were still as touchy and in that puppy love stage as day one, but man was I wrong. I also noticed as we slept that night, we didn’t cuddle anymore. This took me by total shock and I turned to Mason and cried, “We’re a boring old married couple now!”

I love my relationship, it’s so unique and has so much joy and comfort built in with it. This kind of relationship is something that I have never had. It saddens me how we aren’t so hands-on anymore, but it’s made me realize that we’re going to be together for a long time. Who knows, maybe I might marry the guy one day, but that’s something only the future knows.

I realized that people my age crave the attention and the touchiness all the time and I often see things on social media like, “If he stops giving me the attention he used to, I will find someone else.” Now, I don’t know how people last in relationships if that’s the case because I know for a fact Mason and I have changed and matured as a couple insanely, and one of the things is being more independent. I know I’m with him all the time, but it’s more of a comfortable “I want to be with you for my pleasure.” than the “I can’t get enough of you and I need you now” kinda thing.

Being out of the honey-moon phase sucks, but I’m with someone who is worth it 110%. It is something I will miss but hey, maybe if I marry him, we’ll have the actual married couple honey-moon phase again!






Oh no, it’s just a life crisis I am facing as a 19 year old! I’ve lost friends, gained weight, and I’m basically jobless. What more could go wrong?! Sometimes, I just feel like giving up, because it’s easier.

Don’t Give Up

You have to work hard through things you feel like you can’t control, because you may end up doing the right thing and fixing the problem. If you work hard to find a job, you’ll get one. If you work hard to lose weight, you will. If you work hard to get an A on a test you feel you know nothing about, you’ll do it. Time is valuable and you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted it by giving up. Quitters never prosper.

You Have Support

Even when you feel like nobody is there for you, you’ll always have somebody. I’ve learned my family is my biggest support system and my boyfriend is always there to keep me going. If you feel differently, find a teacher, friend, or even a group to confide in and they will support you. Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Deut. 31:6

Follow Your Gut

If your gut tells you something is important, WORK FOR IT! I’ve learned my gut is always right. Even if something seems irrational or out of your hands, your gut feeling knows what’s up.

You’ve Faced Your Past Problems

so do it now! I know it seems like absolutely everything can seem like it’s going wrong, but face one thing at a time and it’ll go away. You’ve had past problems you’ve resolved and you’re going to have problems now and in the future, it’s called life. Life can kick me in the ass sometimes, but I’m thankful to wake up every morning.


Through many nights of tears and hopelessness, I’ve learned it’s not fun to be unhappy. Get out of bed, get encouraged, and go do what you have to do to make you happy!











I just started college and I would have never thought I would find some toxic people. Growing up, I encountered some people that have treated me poorly, and as I gave them more chances, the worse the mistreatment got. I have learned throughout the years to STOP giving people the chances they don’t deserve and 110% remove them from your life because you will find better people. I just got out of some friendships I had adored and cherished so incredibly much. It’s been 3 months, and trust me, it still hurts. It hurts like a romantic breakup. I have given so much time, effort, and trust into these relationships to get trampled on, and I knew it was enough. 110% they are out of my life through my decision, and I know it hurts now, but it was for the better. I know there are better people out there for me.

Block Them

This seems like the silly way out, but trust me, it’s worth it. Block them from your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, phone,  EVERYTHING! Every time I had troubles with people, my mom told me to block them. This seemed really silly but the tip was incredibly useful. I personally reach back out to people, because I miss them, and blocking them won’t allow me to do that. Or I’ve had some cases where they try to come back to see and silly little me allows them back in my life. NOPE, NOT TODAY OR EVER AGAIN! The block button is a useful and powerful button

Find New Friends

In desperate times, you’re going to want someone outside of your family to talk to. A friend’s shoulder is sometimes the best to lean on. Go out and be social, which is tricky for some people, I get it. I’ve learned to open up more and talk to the people around me in my classes and do the usual, “Let’s hang out sometime or do homework together! Here’s my number…” This is how I’ve made so many of my friends recently.

Be Happy

If you have a fallout with someone, they might want to see your life go downhill. Don’t let that happen! Reader, you’re a great and beautiful person! It’s okay to be sad about losing someone but DO NOT let that prevent you from being overall happy.


I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and if God took people out of your life, it’s okay because His plans are so much better than you dream. Romans 8:18  “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”