Over the Honey-Moon Phase


I went to Six Flags Over Texas with my boyfriend, Mason, over spring break. I noticed this couple that went on the first 3 rides we did; they caught my eye because of how lovey-dovey they were. I looked over at Mason and I noticed we were standing there, comfortable with each others presence, but not totally on each other like this couple was. It hit me-WE ARE OUT OF THE HONEY-MOON PHASE. 6 months later and I thought we were still as touchy and in that puppy love stage as day one, but man was I wrong. I also noticed as we slept that night, we didn’t cuddle anymore. This took me by total shock and I turned to Mason and cried, “We’re a boring old married couple now!”

I love my relationship, it’s so unique and has so much joy and comfort built in with it. This kind of relationship is something that I have never had. It saddens me how we aren’t so hands-on anymore, but it’s made me realize that we’re going to be together for a long time. Who knows, maybe I might marry the guy one day, but that’s something only the future knows.

I realized that people my age crave the attention and the touchiness all the time and I often see things on social media like, “If he stops giving me the attention he used to, I will find someone else.” Now, I don’t know how people last in relationships if that’s the case because I know for a fact Mason and I have changed and matured as a couple insanely, and one of the things is being more independent. I know I’m with him all the time, but it’s more of a comfortable “I want to be with you for my pleasure.” than the “I can’t get enough of you and I need you now” kinda thing.

Being out of the honey-moon phase sucks, but I’m with someone who is worth it 110%. It is something I will miss but hey, maybe if I marry him, we’ll have the actual married couple honey-moon phase again!