Rules Are There For A Reason


I almost died the other day, and this isn’t me over-exaggerating.

I was running late to meet Mason so we could carpool to class together (that’s what we get for signing up for a class at the wrong campus) and I was taking my usual route. The traffic at this one light was insanely backed up, something I have never seen before. I moved from the left lane to the right, since it was a car shorter and I was on a time crunch. This was probably the best decision I have made in a while, because if it wasn’t for impatient Kayte, I would’ve died. I was texting Mason that traffic was bad when all of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM. I looked over to my left and the brand new van (to the person, new paper plates but older van) that I was just behind had gotten hit by a big truck. The van was hit so hard that it wrecked the car in front of it, and the van was absolutely totaled. This truck must’ve been going over the speed limit to have caused that, and I would like to think they were texting and driving, but I don’t know. That could’ve been me in the accident, but I would’ve gone flying out the window because I didn’t have my seat belt on.

This happened a week ago and it was such an eye opener. Now, the first thing I do is put my seat belt on when I get in the car, because that didn’t happen half of the time. Wearing a seat belt is super important and it’s the LAW, so please do it! I have learned my lesson for sure.



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